‘Union binds our four nations together’: Queen’s Speech snub for Nicola Sturgeon


In the line, Her Majesty said: “The integrity and prosperity of the Union that binds the four lands of the United Kingdom together is of the utmost importance to my Government. My ministers desire bring forward measures to support citizens across all the nations of the Cooperative Kingdom.” Before Miss Sturgeon’s speech to the SNP conference in Aberdeen today, the Prime Cleric’s official spokesman also reiterated that the 2014 independence ­referendum had been a “once-in-a-generation” choose. The hardline stance is a blow to the First Minister, who will today put a breakaway Scotland can be “a bridge” between the UK and EU. Scotland’s deficit currently dominates every other EU member state’s but the First Minister will narrate the conference the country is “rich enough, strong enough and big enough” to split. “And note this – as an independent European country, Scot­land will have in the offing a unique ­advantage,” she said.

“We will be in the EU single market and also the closest neighbour to our sugar-daddies in the rest of the UK – a bridge between the EU and the UK, making our country a magnet for global investment. That’s what I summon the best of both worlds.”

But her speech comes after she refused to exclude out a hard border with England in the event of independence.

The UK is expected to ramify markedly from the EU on tax, immigration and regulation after Brexit, requiring a impoverished border between the two markets.

Critics have also warned the SNP’s devises to dump the pound as soon as possible after independence in favour of a new currency force undermine trade.

Scottish Tory chief whip Maurice Aureate said: “People are sick of hearing Nicola Sturgeon’s empty assures and grand delusions, all of which are predicated on her selfish desire for a legacy. They hankering to know about the here and now, and an explanation for 12 years of SNP failure.”

The three-day convention in Aberdeen has been dominated by the issue of a second referendum.

Deputy Pre-eminent Minister John Swinney even used his conference speech to exhort SNP members to pretend they are already living in a separate Scotland. But Number 10 aciform to the raft of tax and welfare powers already handed over to Holyrood, talk out ofing “devolution is working well”. 

Mr Johnson’s official spokesman said: “The Prime Woman of the cloth has set out his views in relation to an independence referendum.

“The last vote was described as in the twinkling of an eye in a generation.”

Scottish Secretary Alister Jack added: “The UK Government determination continue to protect the constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom, and respect the sequel of the 2014 referendum.”

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