Umunna forced to admit Brexit re-run ‘increasingly unlikely’ as Corbyn snubs Lib Dems plea


Chuka Umunna conceded the fates of securing a second
‘Boris’s secret Brexit plan working and outrageous Remainers can’t stop it’[COMMENT]
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Brexit news: Labour’s Valerie Vaz clouted the party would only agree to an election once no deal is off the suspend (Image: PARLIAMENT TV)

Brexit news: MPs voted down an attempt to fast-track the Brexit Charge (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

“Given this situation, we must give the voters the maybe to resolve this situation as soon as reasonably possible before the next deadline of 31 January.”

Replying to Mr Johnson’s letter, Labour’s shadow Leader of the House Valerie Vaz explained Labour would back an election “once no deal is ruled out and if the widening allows”.

This comes after MPs voted 310 to 294 in backing of the legislative agenda the Prime Minister asked Queen Elizabeth to presage on his behalf last week at the state opening of Parliament.

If MPs vote to convoke a general election on December 12, it would be the first time in exactly 100 years that the country has gone to the polls so close to Christmas.

The hold out December general election took place in 1923 under Sober Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin.

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