ULTIMATE RECREATION: ZOMBIE dividend for immersive events supremo


The horrible goings-on it stages such as its Zombie S.W.A.T (Special Weapons and Tactics) conferences teach survivalist techniques and contending with lethal outbreaks in an apocalyptic, nuclear-bunker term setting. And they attract true-believers from 12-year-olds and feisty over-70s to Chief executive League stars, the Beckhams and Little Mix. That blurring of the line between make-believe and Aristotelianism entelechy, with lashings of fake blood and hundreds of actors playing the spooky roles, has compelled turnover to £1.3million for the London-based immersive specialist.

It now has a team of 60 and grace a leader in reviving derelict spaces in the capital by transforming them into fracas zones.

Founded by creative leisure experts Anne and David Jones in 2004 their aim was to liven up the ripping’s experiences market. 

From paintball they have expanded with other trade marks including laser tag, airsoft (competitive shooting with replica weapons) and departure rooms.

The celebration of Halloween, fantasy and the supernatural so popular in US culture has also furnished to demand here for close encounters with zombies (note allowing this is not a contact sport). 

“The screen, films and games, is where it starts but then individual want to get out from that and taste reality,” explains Anne. 

“They hanker after to really believe they are in those situations, so they come to us, then outline their friends who don’t want to miss out. 

“We train the actors about be found wanting safely, making their voices really terrifying and how to move. Our zombies are hurried, they don’t stagger.”

Next steps for the business this year incorporate launching a new ‘Trapped Undercover’ experience as well as developing other leaking room concepts and mobile experiences. 

“We invest in our team to create the exceptionally best experiences and to make

sure we are offering something that people can’t get anywhere else,” says David.

“Immersive savoir vivres are often associated with technology environments and while we have a illusory a virtual reality suite and our finger on the pulse in terms of technological advances, our occurrence designers always put creativity and quality storytelling principles at the heart of what we do. 

“We put ones trust in immersive experiences are nothing without a strong theme and authentic mounting, and these are the foundations on which we have built Ultimate Recreation.”


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