UKIP petition calls for Gill to go

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A petition calling for Nathan Gill to be erased as UKIP Wales leader has been sent to the rty’s ruling main rt.

It follows claims that rty leaders want to impose aspirants from outside Wales for the assembly election.

Six general election nominees signed the petition which claims there is “no coherent plan” to protest the cam ign and “no effective leadership” in Wales.

UKIP has questioned the credibility of the petition and its Wales chairman utter “disgruntled members” signed it.

Many Welsh activists have up objections to former Conservative MPs Mark Reckless and Neil Hamilton being in the management for selection, accusing the rty of ” rachuting” them in.

Earlier in February, Mr Gill heralded that local members would decide the rankings of candidates for regional tabulation seats, not the rty’s national executive committee.

However, some Welsh fellows remain unhappy at the way the matter has been handled, with UKIP Vale of Glamorgan councillor Kevin Mahoney abandoning the rty.

“It is understood by all that UKIP in Wales is operated on the basis of reciprocal respect and understanding,” the petition states.

“In light of the extraordinary circumstances main and indeed, as a last resort, to prevent further harm and disharmony within ‘the coterie’ it is necessary to censure and remove those responsible forthwith.”

Sculpture caption Some UKIP members object to the idea of Neil Hamilton (imaged with wife Christine) standing

The petition accused Mr Gill of drama “a lack of leadership in all aspects pertaining to this matter”.

It said “at the end of ones tether with his inactivity or unwillingness to resolve the prevailing circumstances, [he] has exacerbated the situation to the sense where members no longer have faith in his ability to lead UKIP in Wales in any effectual way”.

UKIP general election candidates backing the petition were Joe Smyth (Islwyn), Darran Thomas (Brecon and Radnorshire), Ken Beswick (Torfaen), Blair Smillie (Alyn and Deeside), Nigel Williams (Delyn), and ul Davies Cooke (Vale of Clwyd).

Vehicle captionNigel Williams: ‘People have no idea what’s succeeding on’

Mr Williams, one of the petition organisers, said it was “better late than in no way” to raise their concerns with the assembly election so close.

He appeal to c visit canceled for a leadership election, saying UKIP Wales could choose “any one from ten outstanding people” but Wales chairman David Rowlands said it “adds nothing to the discussion”.

Gethin James, a UKIP councillor and assembly election candidate for Ceredigion, foretold BBC Radio Cymru: “It’s not a good situation, but I’m 100% behind Nathan Gill.

“People don’t discern how much work he’s done.

“The problem is with the national executive, not with Nathan Gill.”

On Tuesday, Mr Gill im rted BBC Wales he had no intention of standing down, saying claims that he had go busted to support rank-and-file members in Wales were “nonsense”.

A UKIP Wales spokesman said: “Without thought efforts of one or two individuals phoning around the rty membership in Wales their picayune 26 person petition included someone from England, six human being who were not even members and a growing number who denied even continually signing it.”

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