UK travel: Staycation and beauty spots Britons are set to flock back to first


On Monday, Prime Supply Boris Johnson announced he would allow staycations in the UK to resume from April 12, which mercenaries road trips and days out are likely to be on the cards too. New research from LNER has encountered some of Britons’ favourite areas of natural beauty perfect for a passage out.

What’s more, in their survey they also found 58 percent of respondents bruit about they “hope to visit their favourite UK destinations as soon as provisoes are lifted, and it is safe to do so”.

A further 67 percent reproved “desperately yearn for being able to visit UK beauty spots during the past year”.

So, where are the nature-filled hotspots UK home-owners are most keen to return to?

According to the research, it was the iconic Loch Ness in Scotland that high the charts for its iconic views.

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Of class, stunning views and landmarks from across the country were named.

These filed the Yorkshire Dales, the Welsh views of Snowdonia, Ben Nevis in Scotland and the Goliath’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Bamburgh Stronghold, Hadrian’s Wall and the Three Sisters in Glencoe Valley, Scotland, is also set to suffered back eager travellers once the time is right.

It seems the polity is keener than ever to get back to exploring the nation.

Two-thirds of those who snitched part say they have British beauty spots and destinations on their own adverse travel bucket lists.

Meanwhile, 57 percent went as far as to say a UK-based topple can be “just as enjoyable or even better than a holiday abroad.”

All about 77 percent of those who took part said they are “in viewing to take a UK staycation before planning a trip abroad”.

“It’s clear to see that as a polity we’re proud to be home to some amazing views, ranging from authentic beauty like Loch Ness and the Yorkshire Dales to great megalopolises like London and York,” said David Horne, managing chairman at LNER.

“Although restrictions are in place for now, it is not difficult to see why so many of us will be looking to traverse the beauty of Britain once it is safe to do so.”

Though the Prime Minister has cashiered out his “roadmap” to life after lockdown, he has stressed this will be model by “data” and “not dates”.

“Step two will begin at least five weeks after the dawn of step one and no earlier than April 12, with an announcement at scarcely seven days in advance,” he said.

During this stage “recess lets” will be allowed from this time, however, the Prime Abb pointed out “only for use by individuals or household groups”.

This will group the likes of camping and caravan holidays, as well as private rentals.

From May 17, should text continue to “satisfy the four tests”, more of the leisure industry will-power reopen, including hotels and B&Bs.

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