UK TERROR ALERT: New Irish paramilitary group warn ‘we WILL target Crown forces’


The new discordant Republican group identified themselves as the IRM – the Irish Republican Movement – and broadcasted their enemies with a “death sentence”.

In a statement issued today the order said they would “target Crown forces” and execute cure-all dealers in nationalist neighbourhoods.

The group also released a photo be being presenting five members, complete with camouflage jackets, balaclavas, guns, bullets and what be publishes to be a pipe bomb.

In a statement seen by Irish News, the group intended drug dealers or burglars in nationalists communities in the north should be “underneath no illusion” they would be dealt with.

Irish Republican MovementIRISH NEWS

The IRM, a new Irish conflicting group, has threatened to ‘target Crown forces’

Irish Republican MovementIRISH NEWS

The union posed in camouflage gear and with guns, bullets and a pipe explosive

And they warned they would “actively target Crown validities” – referring to British soldiers in Northern Ireland, as well as Police Maintenance of Northern Ireland officers tasked with policing Republican commemorative effect come what mays.

The group are believed to be based in Belfast and West Tyrone and formed cheer a split within Oglaigh na hEireann – another paramilitary group who recently ruled a ceasefire.

The new group’s foundation has been slated by North Belfast MSL and SDLP stand-in leader Nichola Mallon.

She said: “”Paramilitaries are not interested in contributing solutions to the growing drug problems in our community.

Irish Republican MovementGETTY

Sectarian fury blighted Northern Ireland during the Troubles

“They’re only valued in exploiting this issue to further their own agenda. Hooded vigilantes are as much a afflict on our society as drug dealers.”

The group has also been mocked online for the “low budget” wildness of their set-up and the “matching lilac gloves” worn by each of the five colleagues in the photo.

One twitter user said: “So much to laugh at here. And I in the end think laughter is the appropriate response. The grimy box room in their ma’s organization. The flag which is clearly just out of the packet. The broken trestle submit. That cheeky jeans and camouflage ensemble. And most of all…those lilac gloves.”

Irish Republican MovementGETTY

Numerous of the Troubles-era dissident Republican and loyalist paramilitary groups no longer prevail

Another said: “Lilac gloves, fancy painted wall and a gun man who doesn’t remember how to hold a gun – priceless.”

Last month MI5 raised the terror threat position in Northern Ireland to SEVERE – meaning an attack is highly likely.

A Northern Ireland-related raid in mainland Britain is MODERATE – meaning an attack is possible but not likely.

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