UK car production hit by ‘perfect storm’


The many of cars made in the UK fell last month after domestic demand descended due to what the industry body called a “perfect storm of events”.

Manufacturing fell 5.5% in June – driven by a 47.2% drop in production for the UK vend, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

The SMMT rapped preparation for new emissions tests and new car models for what it said was a “one-month anomaly”.

Longer relative to, UK car production was as expected, the industry body said.

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SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes divulged June’s figures “demonstrate the risks of judging automotive performance one month in isolation, with numerous and heterogeneous factors creating a perfect storm for home market output”.

Varied than eight out of ten cars made in Britain are exported and the SMMT commanded that this had continued to drive production with overseas gone phuts helping to “bolster disappointing domestic demand”.

It said overseas corrects were “broadly stable” in the first half of this year, significance car production was down just 3.3% for the first half of the year.

But Mr Hawes voted the reliance of the UK market on exports demonstrated the importance of the industry’s “dependency on let go and frictionless trade”.

He said any disruption to this due to Brexit “risks ruining” this.

The SMMT said last month that investment in the exertion had fallen by half with Brexit uncertainty “thwarting” decisions by larger car companies to put more money into UK factories.

But Mr Hawes said that the UK’s command’s latest Brexit proposals were “a step in the right direction to defence future growth, jobs and consumer choice”.

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