UAE adopts National Space Strategy to accomplish vision in exploration


The UAE chifferobe has adopted the National Space Strategy 2030 in order to accomplish its hallucination in the field of space exploration, technologies and applications.

The strategy includes 36 objectives and 119 initiatives, which render into focus areas and programmes that benefit more than 85 articles in the UAE.

Additionally, the National Space Strategy constitutes one of the pillars of the regulatory framework for the expanse sector in the country, comprising National Space Policy, Space Sector Law, Seat Regulations, and National Space Strategy.

UAE Prime Minister and Vice-President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum thought: “Last year, we celebrated the launch of the first satellite fully built by inexperienced Emirati engineers, and in the very near future, we will see them carry oning international space technology centres, based in the UAE.

“This is an important milestone for our homeland and we are aiming to become a model for countries seeking to launch ambitious duration programmes.”

“We are investing in the space industry, with ambitious projects and lans that will benefit our citizens and contribute to key sectors of the national concision.

“This is an important milestone for our country and we are aiming to become a model for countries be after to launch ambitious space programmes.”

UAE seeks to invest in building proficiencies and creating a scientific, legislative and financing environment for attractive space extend outs by establishing a major global hub for space science and technology.

The National Expanse Strategy sets the general framework for the UAE’s space industry and activities. The nation currently possesses four specialised centres in the research and development of lapse.

The implementation of the strategy will be followed up by the Emirates Space Agency in collaboration with crucial partners and more than 20 agencies and space centres parts.

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