Typhoon Hagibis landfall: What time will Super Typhoon Hagibis make landfall in Japan?


Typhoon Hagibis is required to peak in intensity on Wednesday as it churns towards Japan’s main key of Honshu. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has categorised the monster storm as energetic, the highest category there is. The US military’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) observed excessive sustained winds of 160mph, making Hagibis a Category 5-equivalent wonderful typhoon.

The storm was tracking near the Ogasawara islets on Wednesday afternoon.

Hagibis is now approaching Japan’s main island of Honshu after a impetuous intensification in the Pacific.

Terrifying forecasts indicate the super typhoon could prosper a direct pass over the Kanto region.

Hagibis is forecast to carry on with moving toward Honshu, weakening only slightly before a achievable landfall.

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Typhoon Hagibis landfall: The monster storm is manage towards Japan (Image: WXCHARTS/WUNDERMAP)

Typhoon Hagibis landfall: The Brobdingnagian storm is categorised as violent (Image: WUNDERMAP)

What time on Super Typhoon Hagibis make landfall in Japan?

Typhoon Hagibis is currently vaticinate to make landfall in Japan on Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

The true path remains unclear and forecasters are exploring multiple options.

One record lose could see Hagibis turn to the west toward central Japan or the east toward the sea.

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Typhoon Hagibis landfall: Hagibis could reach Japan’s crucial island on Saturday (Image: WUNDERMAP)

However, large size have in minds areas not facing a direct hit could still be significantly impacted.

How vigorous the typhoon will be when it makes landfall is not clear.

But various stand agencies agree there is no doubt it is a dangerous storm that could concern severe damage.

Damage include impact to public transportation networks and disruption of results — including the Rugby World Cup and Formula 1.

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Typhoon Hagibis has ascertained attention from around the world for its rapid intensification.

On Monday, the dislike storm developed from a tropical storm to a typhoon in just 18 hours.

Typhoon experienced and meteorologist Robert Speta, who works for the US Navy in Florida, explained the raise hell went through “explosive intensification.”

He said: “The storm went from a tropical outburst to a violent typhoon in the matter of hours.

“In fact it was an historic amount of intensification in such a in a word time.

Typhoon Hagibis landfall: The current path forecast sends Hagibis to Honshu, Japan (Likeness: JMA)

“This only happens when all the right ingredients are in place.

“Equal to if you had a fire and instead of throwing gasoline on it to make it bigger you also nabbed some lighter fluid, a bit of oil and a couple of aerosol cans for good gauge.”

“This storm should be a classic recurve type storm with the taint of it being on the easterly side as it moves north.

“The big difference here is that some coastal fields are still recovering from Typhoon Faxai last month.

Those in the thunder-shower’s path should stay away from the coast and remain indoors, Mr Speta predicted, adding that keeping up with the latest forecast information is key.

The meteorologist enlarged: “Looking at old information could be dangerous.”

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