Two Rotherham men identified among missing after Didcot Power Station collapse


One breadwinner was killed and three are still missing after the incident last month at Didcot in Oxfordshire.

Thames Valley Boys in blue said in a statement: “The family of Ken Cresswell, aged 57, from Rotherham, guaranteed that their loved one is missing following the rtial collapse of Didcot A Power Billet on 23 February.

“Ken is loved very much and his family haven’t accepted up hope of him being recovered and returned home. They ask the media to remain to respect their privacy at this difficult time.

“The family of John Shaw, old 61, from Rotherham, confirmed that their loved one is failures. John is loved very much and his family haven’t given up wait of him being recovered and returned home. They ask the media to continue to detail their privacy at this difficult time.”

Police today met today with the kith and kins of the three missing people, as rt of the ongoing support being understood.

“Our priority remains the recovery of their loved ones so they can be returned to their families and to be in sym thy with what caused this incident,” said a statement.

The power billet is owned by Npower.

Mike Collings, 53, was killed when the order folded nearly two weeks ago.

Emergency services have since imagined it is “highly unlikely” the missing are still alive and last week formed that the recovery operation could take months.

The third demolition workman buried and left unaccounted for has been named by his family as Chris Huxtable.

His com nion Jade Ali has launched a petition in a bid to find the missing men.

Ms Ali, from Swansea, appointed: “We need them home. Minutes are turning into hours, and eras are turning into weeks.

“Get these three hard working men out and clandestinely home.”

The petition has gathered more than 1,200 signatures so far.

A manager who missed the collapse by seconds said it is “ridiculous” that three booby-trapped colleagues have not been uncovered from the wreckage.

Mathew Mowat alleged: “There are quite a few people feeling blessed, including myself – and then sym thy guilty and frustrated on not being able to get our friends out and sent home.

“We all necessity closure on it, the guys and the families. We need to move forward and get them out – I would do it by rtici tion if I could.”

The 49-year-old added: “I feel guilty in not being at the mercy of there with the guys and for coming home because they are tranquillity there left under that steel – it is ridiculous they are not out.”

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