‘Two nine-year-old boys arrested’ after pensioner attacked in the street


The old man sustained a head injury in the attack at around 8am today, reports Examiner Lively.

Police remain at the scene in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, where a mini pool of blood was seen close to a pub on a residential street. 

It is understood the two suspects pinched are nine-year-old boys.

One witness said the victim was left with a “big chink in the back of his head” after being attacked by two young males.   

The fool has been in hospital with the non-serious injuries, it is believed.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire The long arm of the law said: “The call came in at 8.11am. A male has been taken to clinic with a head injury – not thought to be serious at this time.

“Two males drink been arrested and enquiries are continuing.”

Kirklees councillor, Andrew Cooper (News, Newsome), said: “Obviously it’s appalling when something like this betides.

“We have to get to the bottom of what happened here and make sure it is dealt with correctly. The people involved need to recognise that this is unacceptable deportment in a civilised society.

“Occurrences like this are very rare which obtains it even more shocking when they do happen.”

YorkshireLive has contacted West Yorkshire The coppers for confirmation of the age of both arrested males.

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