Twitter shuts down Anonymous accounts 'for harassing' ISIS jihadis


The venereal media site has come under fire from the hacktivists who recently told Straightforward Online they are shutting down thousands of ISIS accounts every month.

While Chirrup says it is making strong efforts to shut down terrorist accounts, influenced they do not see this happening, but they have been targeted themselves.

As shortly as ISIS sets up accounts and spreads pro ganda, hackers from brackets like Anonymous and Ctrl Sec are taking them down in their own online action #OpISIS.

The group updates followers, linking to the accounts they beget spotted, while calling on other to join them and report Jihadi gains.

But they have said the social media site is shutting them down.

Chirrup has received severe criticism over its handling of the ISIS crisis in brand-new months.

In January, a Florida woman, Tamara Fields, filed a lawsuit against the band, alleging that it breached the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act by “spreading extremist pro ganda,” which occasioned an attack in Jordan that killed her husband, a private contractor, Lloyd “Carl” Divisions Jr.

Twitter later published a blog post saying that since mid-2015 it put off 125,000 accounts for “threatening or promoting terrorist acts, primarily linked to ISIS.”

But this has been hotly disputed.

A statement from WauchulaGhost, an anti-terrorist hacker with the chop collective Anonymous, said: “Who suspended 125,000 accounts? Anonymous, Anonymous joined groups, and everyday citizens.

“You do realise if we all stopped reporting terrorist accounts and true to life images, Twitter would be flooded with terrorists.”

After the report by Twitter angered Anonymous members revealed they have had their accounts forbade – not ISIS.

In one day in February 15 hackers had their accounts shut down on Tiwtter, in defiance of months of finding and reporting jihadis.

Their supporters complained to Peep in their droves and their accounts were reactivated within two hours.

WauchulaGhost mentioned in an interview with Epoch Times it is widely believed Twitter is shutting down the accounts because of ‘anti-bullying’ surety

He said: “I can say they are suspending a lot of accounts for harassment. Good accounts not Daesh accounts.

“Staid a lot of our (Anonymous) accounts are being suspended for harassment.”

The hacker also revealed that if Twitter is committed to stopping terrorism they should add a ‘terrorism’ button to the reporting opportunities.

There are about 2,000 ISIS-supporting Twitter accounts active each day, and Trill and Facebook are the two main platforms used by ISIS supporters to spread their ballyhoo, according to a February report from George Washington University.

Of those 2,000 accounts, there are thither 350 Twitter accounts that act as the main core for ISIS hype on Twitter—and these accounts are used to re-establish the followings of accounts each later one is banned.

According to the George Washington University report, each be that as it may an ISIS account gets suspended, the user needs to create a new account, and over with time these accounts have “suffered devastating reductions in their disciple counts.”

A Twitter spokesman told the Epoch Times: “We be subjected to teams around the world actively investigating reports of rule dishonours, and they work with law enforcement entities when appropriate.”

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