'Turkish' gunman opens fire in packed hair salon leaving several seriously injured


Heavily armed the gendarmes arrived at the scene and discovered one man was already dead and a woman was critically maltreated – she has been airlifted to hospital.

The shooter, understood to be a 27-year-old Turkish man, is take ited to have fired indiscriminately into the bustling hairdressers’ shop in Sufficients, Germany.

Witnesses report the gunman entered the salon, shouted at a lady and then opened fire, leading regional police spokesperson Ulrich Braun to say: “This may be a offence of ssions.”

German police say the attacker fled the scene and holed himself up in a to hand a rtment, taking at least one person hostage.

Emergency services herded on the scene and stormed the building where they found one man, believed to be the shooter, bland.

Another woman was severely injured and is currently in intensive care at a close by hospital.

A Dueren police spokeswoman said: “Shots were discharged. A male suspect is in a building complex in the city center and he may have captivated a hostage.

“We have no contact with him and are not aware of whether he has any demands.”

Much of Owings city centre has been cordoned off by police.

One person died in a disunite shooting 60 miles away earlier today.

The incident put in wrote place in Hagen, located about, German N-TV reports.

A man armed “with a sword or a hunger knife” was shot dead by police after refusing to drop his weapon.

The cutthroat’s motives are not yet clear.

More to follow…

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