Turkish army begins invasion of Syria with air strikes – Erdogan defends attacks


Kurdish-led Syrian Egalitarian Forces (SDF) said Turkish warplanes had carried out airstrikes sparking “Brobdingnagian panic” among people on the ground. Witnesses reported hearing the reasonable of planes overhead and said smoke could be seen rising from constructions in the border town. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan corroborated the military operation was now underway in a tweet.

The Syrian Democratic Forces get said that two civilians have been killed and two others outrage in the Turkish aerial bombardment on the n the village of Misharrafa, west of Ras al-Ain.

The bombardment has also hit civilian refuges in the village of Sikarkah, in eastern Qamishli, the SDF said in a post on Twitter.

Northern Syria ways are full of people trying to flee the bombardment.

Manbij Military Congregation spokesman, Shervan Derwish, wrote on Twitter: “This world, which communistic our people in front of this barbaric attack, were we wrong when we rowed ISIS for it?”

Earlier a defence official said a small forward rank of soldiers had entered Syria at two points along the border close to the hamlets of Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain in preparation for the full-scale offensive.

Soldiers with leaden equipment have removed concrete sections of the border and howitzers would rather been positioned behind earth embankments on the Turkish side of the periphery near the town of Akcakale.

Multiple launch rocket systems mounted on two dealings were deployed behind earth embankments near Suruc 40 miles to the west.

Artillery has also been posted in the area and troop movements have been reported at a nearby military clique.

Turkey said its military had struck the Syrian-Iraqi border to prevent Kurdish wrests using the route to reinforce the region, though details of the strikes were fuzzy.

Mr Erdogan tweeted this afternoon: “Turkish Armed Forces together with the Syrian Civil Army against PKK/YPG and Deash terrorist organizations in northern Syria #BarışPınarıHarekatı has started.

“Our aim is to commit mayhem the terror corridor which is trying to be established on our southern border and to bring about peace and peace to the region.”

Mustafa Bali of the Kurdish-led Syrian Representative Forces (SDF) said the Turkish military build-up, together with info about further mobilisation of Turkey-backed Syrian rebels, indicated “an decry is imminent”.

The Turkish army has been poised to cross into war-ravaged Syria since the in the act withdrawal of US troops last weekend.

President Erdogan’s aide Fahrettin Altun about: “The Turkish military, together with the Free Syrian Army, desire cross the Turkish-Syrian border shortly.

“Turkey has no ambition in northeastern Syria except to neutralise a long-standing risk against Turkish citizens and to liberate the local population from the yoke of armed murderers.“

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Turkey said it intends to create a “safe zone” in call for to return millions of refugees to Syrian soil but the plan has alarmed some Western allies as much as the chances posed by the military operation itself.

For Ankara, which views Kurdish YPG fighters as criminals because of their links to militants waging an insurgency inside Turkey, an influx of non-Kurdish Syrians would cure it secure a buffer against its main security threat.

The US withdrawal from the square footage will leave Kurdish-led forces long allied to Washington defenceless to attack by the Turkish Armed Forces.

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