TUI holidays: Major change to holiday refund as TUI admits ‘we haven’t got it right’


“We call for to offer customers greater flexibility with their holiday bookings and paraphrase the process of requesting a refund.

“This is why we’ve developed a new system to help patrons with cash refund requests and have updated our amendment programmes.

“We recognise the situation around travel this summer remains unclear and there’s yet a lot of uncertainty around when we will all be able to travel again, and some purchasers may not wish to pay a final balance with so many unknowns.

“We are therefore allowing TUI purchasers with holidays before the end of August the opportunity to amend their respite for free so they don’t have to pay until closer to their new departure rendezvous.

“Customers with a cancelled holiday will now be able to amend their feast online and take advantage of the 20 percent booking incentive, or they can be preserved their refund credit and booking incentive for a later date when they remember when and where they would like to travel.

“And for those buyers that would prefer a cash refund, they can now apply via an online develop instead of calling our contact centre.

“Not only will this preserve our customers time, but it will also ease the pressure on our hard-working patron service staff who have been dealing with nearly one million requests every day whilst working from home, compared with 45,000 a day during expected times.

“We are also constantly growing our virtual homeworking team whilst lay aways remain closed, so retail customers can speak with advisors relative to current and future bookings.

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