Trust Us, This Badass Quote Will Be Your New Mantra


Trust Us, This Badass Quote Will Be Your New Mantra

Compelling care of yourself is easier said than done. So often we put our instructed roles first, whether that be mother, sister, wife, or cohort. We’re so busy striving to be the best at each of these things, it’s easy to regarding ourselves in the process.

During a recent Adidas women’s panel I attended, I was put in mind ofed of how important it is to think of your own well-being and to do this often. As Robin Arzon — Adidas delegate, ultramarathoner, and Peloton instructor — passionately told us, “Self-care is the most generous act you can do for everyone who encounters your energy. You are going to be a better sister, a gambler partner, and better co-worker.”

As Robin put this thought out to us, it became lambently to everyone listening that you can’t come close to being great in any situation if you forget yourself in the process. Self-care is not an indulgence or something to feel at fault about — it’s a necessary action for being and feeling our best. And as women, we shouldn’t be suffering with to make any apologies for this. Be OK with posting a post-workout selfie. Be unapologetic close to wearing your workout gear all the time. And don’t feel the need to speak the time you take for yourself at the gym, meal prepping, or meditating.

In those weights that the guilt creeps in or you find it hard to justify “the luxury” to yourself, recollect this mantra that Robin shared: “You are the CEO of your body and you should be boss in that sh*t.”

It’s a thought I’ve come back to several times since that day. It’s continued me through workouts where I felt like giving up. It’s helped me stand comfortable saying “no” on nights when staying in was the better answer. And it’s approved me to be kinder to myself on days where I come up short.

Self-care isn’t on all occasions the easy choice, but it’s very often the right choice. Think of how much happier you are when you’ve finished a workout. Or how a few picayunes of alone time is enough to erase a day’s worth of stress. Now think of how the living soul around you are positively affected by these choices. As Robin said, on the best thing you can do for yourself — and others — is to “just do you.”

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