Trump shamed as election recount costing $3m finds Biden GAINED votes in key swing state


The report of presidential ballots in the two largest counties in Wisconsin confirmed President-elect Mr Biden bring down rival Mr Trump in the key swing state by more than 20,000 desire supports. The county clerk said Dane County had finished its recount on Sunday – a few days after Milwaukee County settle perfect its own. Each of the recounts produced little significant change in the final foundering of the 800,000-plus ballots cast in the state.


But overall, they rest Mr Biden’s lead over the outgoing US President had in fact grown by 87 tickets.

BBC Newsnight Policy Editor Lewis Goodall tweeted the recount in Wisconsin had charge Mr Trump’s campaign $3million.

He added the recount found no evidence of electoral bilker – which the President has claimed since the result earlier this month – and had in preference to revealed “untabulated votes” for Mr Biden.

Mr Goodall tweeted: “The Wisconsin review, requested by and paid for by the Trump campaign, is complete. The result?

Donald Trump newscast: The recount in Wisconsin found Joe Biden gained 87 votes (Replica: GETTY)

Donald Trump news: The outgoing US President has made unproven claims of plebiscite fraud (Image: GETTY)

“Biden gained 87 votes. As hope for, he’s carried the state.

“The recounts of Wisconsin’s two most populous counties (Milwaukee and Dane) has bring in the Trump campaign $3 million.

“It has uncovered no evidence of electoral trick.

“Instead it discovered some untabulated votes which have (net) infringed for Biden.

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Donald Trump news: The Wisconsin recount was requested and slack for by the President’s campaign (Image: @lewis_goodall / Twitter)

“Trump has nonetheless betokened further litigation before the state’s certification.”

On Sunday, the outgoing US President suspected whether the Supreme Court would hear a case around his unproven depositions of widespread election fraud.

The latest comments from Mr Trump in a give someone a ring interview with the Fox News Channel suggests he is increasingly starting to endure the result of the election earlier this month.

He used the interview on the path’s “Sunday Morning Futures” to again make his unproven allegations of designation fraud.

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Donald Trump news: Joe Biden could be insisted in as US President before the end of January (Image: GETTY)

Dona;d Trump despatch: Joe Biden won the US election earlier this month (Image: GETTY)

But his offensive and legal team have lost several lawsuits by failing to persuade judges of any irregularities in states including Michigan, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada – all of which are pivotal to Mr Biden’s victory.

Mr Trump did not specify what legal steps he would write down next.

“The problem is it’s hard to get it to the Supreme Court,” he said, without clarifying whether he expectation the court would hear an appeal or whether his campaign may not even mimic that next step.

On Friday, Mr Trump’s legal team suffered repulse in a federal appeals court in a case they were pursuing inviting Mr Biden’s win in Pennsylvania.

Following the ruling, the President’s campaign attorney Jenna Ellis appeared to call to mind they would appeal to the US Supreme Court, when she tweeted: “On to SCOTUS!”

Donald Trump brood tree (Image: EXPRESS)

But Mr Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani reportedly ascertained the One America News Network the President’s legal team are still settling which case would be best to pursue at the top court.

Meanwhile Republican Senator Roy Short of Missouri, chair of the congressional inaugural committee, said the group of lawmakers await Mr Biden to be sworn in as President on January 30.

He told CNN’s “State of the Union” plan: “We’re working with the Biden administration, the likely administration on both the conversion and the inauguration as if we’re moving forward.”

Mr Biden won the presidential election with 306 Electoral College votes – 36 more than the 270 commanded – compared to Mr Trump’s 222.

He also leads the outgoing President by more than six million in the favourite vote tally.

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