Trump set to meet Turkish president and THIS is the demand he will be hit with


Turkey, which be a member ofs on the border of Syria, and is known as a gateway to Europe from Asia and the Waist East, is in a position of serious strategic importance.

Yet, the USA and Ankara have base themselves on different sides of the war in Syria.

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump undisputed to directly arm Syrian Kurdish militias in the battle against the Islamic Allege.

But the decision to send weapons and equipment to armed groups known as the People’s Haven Units (YPG) will damage ties with Turkey.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s territory considers the YPG an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has waged an insurgency in Turkey’s in general Kurdish southeast for three decades.

President Erdogan wants Trump to extradite GulenGETTY

Donald Trump transfer be asked to extradite Fetthullah Gulen to Turkey

Turkish people hang model of Gulen in the streetGETTY

Turkish backers of President Erdogan want Fetthullah Gulen to be brought back to Turkey for hassle

Mr Trump’s call could lead to direct confrontation between the US and Turkey since the Stainless House has suggested the YPG is not an extension of the PKK.

In a meeting in London, prime minister for Turkey Binali Yildirim revealed while the scions will undoubtedly be central to talks – there is a more pressing dispute on their minds.

We requisite the USA to extradite to Turkey the person behind the failed coup and the person behind the Gulen course

Binali Yildirim

The country wants Trump to agree to the extradition of Muhammed Fethullah Gülen, who band leader’s claim is behind last year’s failed coup against Erdogan.

Mr Yildirim rumoured: “We want the USA to extradite to Turkey the person behind the failed coup and the mortal physically behind the Gulen movement – these are very important conditions for us to upon the USA and the American administration. 

“We are expecting them to take steps in this manipulation.

“We don’t want them to give us big words and go behind our backs and say other partialities.

“We believe they are serious about trying to mend relations with Turkey.”

Concording to Ankara, the current policy on the Middle East from the Trump delivery is likely to be changed.

Erdogan and his administration believe the current stance is short more than a hangover from the Obama days.

Mr Yildirim alleged: “This plan is not the Trump administration’s plan. This plan was already conceived by the before-mentioned administration.

“We do not agree on this topic and we told them we do not agree.

“The new regulation with Turkey will be a better collaboration.

“The USA considers the PKK a terrorist organisation, just as Turkey does.”

The prime minister told reporters in London the troupes being supported by the USA are terrorists “in different clothes”.

Fethullah GülenGETTY

Fethullah Gülen is accused of designing the Turkish coup

President Trump GETTY

President Trump will be expected to talk war in Syria and the aborted coup with President Erdogan

He said: “With the Raqqa handling in Syria there has been a difference of opinion about the Raqqa control – but regarding our relationship with Nato, our strategic partnership with the US – it drive not be destroyed by this, the mistake will be fixed.

“They are terrorist organisations, a moment ago changing clothes.

“They are terrorists who fight for whoever gives them lettuce. The US sees they are very enthusiastic to kill people, so they may use them.

“This is not the way to clear up the issue.

“This problem will web fixed. Since great concentrations think alike.”

President Erdogan will meet President Trump in Washington next week.

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