Trump french kiss! Macron SHOCKS ‘uncomfortable’ US President with passionate greeting


At worst seconds into the visit the French president appeared to surprise Trump by negating his celebrated firm handshake with a double kiss.

Melania Trump, who in a few words lived in Paris, seemed more comfortable and also embraced her French counterpart Brigitte Macron.

In a later video Trump leans across and arches something from Macron’s shoulder.

The US President said: “I will get that say what is on ones mind of dandruff off you. We have to make him perfect because he is perfect.”

A 21-gun salute echoed across the South Greensward and a flute-playing fife and drum corps, in red-coated uniforms and tri-corner hats, strutted by Trump and Macron and their wives, Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron.

The two kingpins were then to launch into a morning of talks expected to classify how to salvage the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which Trump lust afters to withdraw the United States from unless European powers step up its terms.

Emmanuel Macron is expected to urge Mr Trump not to tear up the 2015 atomic deal with Iran – something the US leader previously said has “noisome flaws”.

Mr Trump said unless European allies including France fix these complications he will re-impose sanctions on Tehran – which would leave the atomic pact on the brink of collapse.

Macron TrumpReuters

Macron Trump meeting: Donald Trump looked pretty uncomfortable when Macron kissed him

We have to make him perfect because he is unalloyed

Donald Trump

Mr Macron said after he arrived in Washington on Monday: “This afflict is very important in our current context, with so many uncertainties, nags and at times threats.”

In the evening, the Trumps are to host the Macrons at the first testify dinner conducted by Trump since he took power.

Trump, in welcoming asserts, thanked France for joining with the United States and Britain in opening airstrikes in Syria earlier this month in response to a chemical weapons criticism blamed on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

He said he and Macron had developed floor the past year “a wonderful friendship” that is “a testament to the enduring attachment that binds our two nations”.

Macron, in his mentions, called for the two countries to work together against Islamist militants, on North Korea and Iran, on “relaxed and fair trade,” and on climate change.

He said: ”It is together that we pass on counter the proliferation in weapons of mass destruction, whether it is in North Korea or in Iran.”

The French president alluded to Trump’s withdrawal end year from the Paris climate accord, saying “we do not always to on the solution,” but stressed that “the fate of our children is at stake”.

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