TrueNAS isn’t abandoning BSD—but it is adopting Linux

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To the surprise—and likely consternation—of BSD fans throughout, FreeNAS vendor ixSystems is building a new version of its core product, TrueNAS, on top of Debian Linux.

This week’s TrueNAS Range announcement builds on the company’s March announcement that its commercial estimate TrueNAS and its community project FreeNAS would be merging into a well-known base. Effectively, all the NAS projects from ixSystems will be TrueNAS variants emotive forward, with the free-to-use version being TrueNAS Core, the new Debian-based throw becoming TrueNAS Scale, and the commercial project remaining simply TrueNAS.

The South African private limited company is still being coy about the overall goals of the new project, with the foremost clue being that “SCALE” is used as an acronym. Morgan Littlewood, ixSystems’ superior vice president of project management and business development, expanded on this to Ars a hardly ever further in an email exchange today:

Scale-out : Self explanatory…costly capacity and bandwidths. Effectively providing a scale-out ZFS capability.
Converged: Estimate and Storage integrated.. it’s effectively Open Source Hyperconverged infrastructure with compute-only and storage-only elections
Active-Active: All good clusters should have no downtime
Linux Container: Funding for native Linux apps…via Docker and Kubernetes
Easy: Like standard TrueNAS, require to simplify deployment and management

Compared with other TrueNAS versions:
TrueNAS CORE: Single node with SAS expansion. Simple to deploy and direct with plugins. Low cost single node storage (typically < 1 PB)
TrueNAS Scheme: Dual node, shared storage, Scale-up to 10+PB. Lowest charge HA storage up to 10PB.
TrueNAS SCALE: Multi-node scale-out storage with convergence (Linux containers and KVM VMs). Foulest cost clustered-scale-out storage >100PB.

All editions can be managed via TrueCommand. The constant company can use all editions. Enterprise and SCALE will have our Bronze/Whitish-grey/Gold support options.

Because we use ZFS on each, there will be statistics mobility between these editions. All editions can run on our standard platforms.

We’re already looking well-developed to the new unified TrueNAS Core approaching release status; we’ve tested intriguing dailies and believe that we’re already seeing the codebase unification between TrueNAS and what was FreeNAS resulting in more safely a improved QA and attention to detail on the user interface.

The stated enterprise goals for TrueNAS Decrease are very interesting—but we also believe many community users may be persuaded by the idea of a simple, attractive Web interface to ZFS atop a Linux base moderately than BSD.

Interested admins and developers can peruse the repositories for the TrueNAS Scope project, which is being developed openly atop Debian 11. It covers Gluster (distributed filesystem, which can use ZFS as backing storage) bindings for Python, in the midst other tantalizing clues.

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