Tropical Storm Cristobal NOAA 1pm update: Life-threatening twister smashes Mexico


Tropical Snow Cristobal made landfall in Mexico on Wednesday morning packing draughts of 60mph with much higher gusts. The record-breaking storm unloaded flowing rainfall and intense winds as it became the earliest-ever third named tropical outburst to form in any Atlantic hurricane season on record. But what is the latest update on the ominous twister?


Tropical Storm Cristobal formed in the southwestern Inlet of Mexico on Tuesday.

A tropical storm warning has been posted along the Mexican sea-coast where the storm is expected to linger through Friday.

Beyond that patch the burgeoning hurricane is forecast to track towards the US Gulf Coast most recent on Sunday or early on Monday with heavy rain and high surf stumbling the region.

Cristobal was spawned by a large system called a Central American Gyre and the traces of a former Eastern Pacific tropical storm.

The tropical storm is look forward to unleash torrential rain and life-threatening flooding and mudslides in Mexico and Cardinal America as it continues to batter the area.

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Tropical Storm Cristobal NOAA 1pm update: What is the latest admonition on Cristobal? (Image: WINDY.COM/NOAA)

Tropical Storm Cristobal NOAA 1pm update: Tropical Cyclone Cristobal made landfall in Mexico on Wednesday (Image: NOAA)

The NOAA’s Patriotic Hurricane Center issued its latest advisory at 1pm CDT (7pm BST).

The advisory records Cristobal motile slowly over land around 15 miles from Ciudad Del Carmen in Mexico established at latitude 18.4 north, longitude 91.9 west.

Cristobal is carry oning to produce heavy rain and life-threatening flooding with winds of most sustained winds of 50mph moving south-southeastwards at three mph.

A tropical storm threat is in effect from Campeche to Coatzacoalcos Mexico.

Tropical Storm Cristobal NOAA 1pm update: Cristobal was located within reach of Mexico (Image: NOAA)

Tropical Storm Cristobal NOAA 1pm update: The course of the hurricane (Image: ACCUWEATHER)

The NOAA’s advisory reads: “Cristobal is striking toward the south-southeast near three mph (6 kmh), and a turn toward the east is awaited later today.

“A turn toward the north-northeast and north is expected on Thursday and Friday.

“On the augury track, the centre will move over the land mass of eastern Mexico Sometimes non-standard due to Thursday.

“The centre is forecast to move back over the Gulf of Mexico by Friday.”

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A slow weakening of the storm is expected beyond the next 48 hours and Cristobal will likely become a tropical dip by Thursday evening.

The tropical storm will then re-strengthen creation on Friday.

Tropical-storm-force winds currently extend outward up to 60 miles (95km) from the pivot.

A wind gust of 55mph (89kmh) was reported at Ciudad del Carmen in the past few hours.

Tropical Snowstorm Cristobal NOAA 1pm update: The path and impacts of the storm (Image: ACCUWEATHER)

Tropical Storm Cristobal NOAA 1pm update: The lobbed storm winds for Cristobal (Image: NOAA)

In terms of rainfall, owing to Friday night the following accumulations are expected:

  • Mexican states of Campeche, northern Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Yucatan: 10 to 20 inches, lonely regions getting 25 inches.
  • Southern Chiapas: 15 to 20 inches, anomalous regions getting 25 inches.
  • Mexican states of Veracruz and Oaxaca: five to 10 inches.
  • Southern Guatemala: An additional 15 to 20 inches with unconnected storm total amounts of 35 inches dating back to Saturday, May 30.
  • El Salvador: An additional 10 to 15 inches, anchoretical storm total amounts of 35 inches dating back to Saturday, May 30.
  • Belize and Honduras: three to six inches with 10 inches falling in some provinces.

In these regions, the rainfall may cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides which could be a menace to lives.

There is a risk of storm surge, grieving rainfall and wind impacts beginning over the weekend along administers of the US Gulf Coast from Texas to the Florida Panhandle.

It is too soon to resolve Cristobal’s exact location, timing and magnitude of these impacts.

The NOAA is due to put out its next advisory at 4pm CDT (10pm BST).

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