Tory MPs 'mobilising over fuel duty'

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Conservative MPs are “mobilising” to cam ign against any rise in fuel devoir, the BBC has been told.

Some are worried the chancellor could announce a agitate in next week’s Budget.

A Treasury minister is to meet fuel cam igners, including the Tory MP Jason McCartney, on Tuesday.

Mr McCartney foretold he was very concerned and would be urging colleagues to lobby Treasury ministers and ceremonials and is to email every MP warning a rise is rumoured and seeking their judgements.

“We’ll be mobilising all the supporters of the Fair Fuel group in rliament this week,” he bring to light.

Treasury minister Damian Hinds is to meet McCartney and representatives from the Peaches Fuel UK Cam ign at noon on Tuesday.

Another Conservative MP said any gain in duty would be outrageous.

A Sunday Times report that an unnamed on had said people would hardly notice an extra 2p on petrol has nic some backbenchers.

Mr McCartney said: “Me and my Conservative colleagues commitment really be making the case as strongly as we can this week to Treasury minister residents and Treasury officials that we need to continue this good s ce for that we’ve done.”

A Treasury source said reports of a possible occur were speculative.

In an interview with the BBC last month Chancellor George Osborne downgraded to rule out a rise in fuel duty, but added there was a clear commitment in the Moderate manifesto to help working people.

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