Tory MP brilliantly dismantles Chuka Umunna’s bullish bid to win new Tory London seat


The quondam Labour and Change UK MP told BBC Sunday Politics he was confident his party could clasp a lot of seats from the Tories in the capital at the next general election. Mr Umunna claimed the modern development European elections results and polls are a clear indication the Liberal Democrats are now in for a befall of winning against the Tories in “Remain London” seats. 

But in a brilliant dismantling of his command, Conservative MP Bob Neill claimed Chuka Umunna was merely regurgitating “stock Lib Dems mantra”.

He said: “I’m not terrified because, frankly, I’ve heard a lot of that.

“It’s pretty standard Lib Dem mantra, with every respect to Chuka, that I’ve considered in my constituency times and times again.

“We get to the elections with a graph with on it ‘at best the Liberal Democrats can beat the Tories here’ and they come third.

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“So it’s a bit of spin, with respect, that we always get from the Lib Dems.

“But the noteworthy thing is this, general elections invariably do not turn out to be single-issue polls.”

It comes as Lib Dems members voted on Sunday in favour of new party design to revoke Brexit in the event the party reaches a governing majority at the next unspecific elections. 

On Sunday, Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson said her faction was hoping for a majority in Government.

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