Tory meltdown as 20 ‘One Nation’ Conservatives threaten to vote against election on Monday


Mr Johnson has dared Parliament to agree to an election on December 12 in return for more heyday to scrutinise his Brexit deal. However, in signs of increasing division number Tory ranks, a group of 41 ‘One Nation’ Tory MPs met the deputy Chief Flog, Amanda Milling, on Thursday to try and persuade the PM to abandon his plans. The meeting lasted hither 30 minutes, with half the MPs insisting that any election should prove only once Boris Johnson vs Corbyn: 81% agree vote is the way to get Brexit
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Boris Johnson (Image: GETTY)

DUP (Image: GETTY)

The Tory band appears increasingly split over whether to vote for an early plebiscite.

In private many backbench MPs fear that the Prime Minister’s post of the dice could backfire.

In particular, one Tory backbencher thinks that Endure may be able to portray the move as a political stunt.

Brexit Timetable (Idol: GETTY)

The MP told the Guardian: “I worry that the public will look at the administration and say, ‘Why on earth are they farting about and trying to ruin my Christmas with an appointment when they have just won a vote on the Brexit bill?

“Where fool they found these six weeks for an election when they don’t be experiencing time to discuss Brexit legislation?

“The miscalculation here is that the PM influence be popular, but he is not trusted.

House of Lords (Image: GETTY)

“And this devise, if the public don’t buy it as genuine, might reinforce the impression that he is sneaky, untrustworthy and too wily by half.”

However, Mr Johnson shows no sign of wavering from his designation path and has told Jeremy Corbyn “to man up” and face the judgement of the people.

The Prime Minister resident has repeatedly vowed to take Britain out of the EU on October 31, but this is looking increasingly remote to happen.

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