Tory Brexiteer infuriates radio host with THIS reason why Brexit will be GREAT for Britain


The Tory MP for Yeovil annoyed the LBC host when he said the “numerical assumptions” claiming Britain drive have “little benefit” from being able to strike following deals around the world “really don’t stack up”.

O’Brien hit back and commanded British people would need to be shown they would be economically safer off after Brexit.

In response, the Tory MP said: “Things in the medium course will be approximately where they are now.”

Mr Fysh pointed out that Australia’s sell deal with the US worked out better than had been expected. He rumoured: “The Aussies when they did their free trade agreement with the US substantially underestimated what it would be worth to them.

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Brexit information: Tory MP Marcus Fysh said Brexit is a “huge opportunity for Britain”

There is a tremendous opportunity

Marcus Fysh

“They’ve actually seen their craft increase by 50%.”

O’Brien said: “Saying that we can do more trade with a countryside that has just announced a trade war is low on my dial of cheerfulness.”

The radio presenter acicular out that Australia is on the other side of the world and the EU instead has a land bed with the UK.

But Mr Fysh hit back and said Australia is also a long way from the US. He amplified: “There is a huge opportunity.”

O’Brien concluded the call and said: “If I was to annotate what you foresaw me, the reasons to be cheerful you’ve given me are Australia’s trade deal is better than they wait for. That’s what you’ve got?

“What do you do now?”

US President Donald Trump took a leviathan dig at the European Union during a joint press conference with Sweden’s Prime Clergyman Stefan Lofven on Tuesday.

The US President was defending his proposed tariffs on fortify and aluminium imports. He said: “The United States has been mistreated and charmed advantage of by other countries for many, many decades.

“We have a mtier deficit of $800billion a year, and the European Union has been surprisingly tough on the United States.

“They make it almost impossible to do proprietorship with them, and yet they send their cars and everything else back into the In harmony States.

“They can do whatever they similar kind, but if they do that, then we put a big tax of 25 percent on their cars, and credence in me, they won’t be doing it for very long.


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