Torstar to sell printing plant in Vaughan, Ont., more than 285 jobs affected


Torstar tells 220 full-time employees and 65 rt-time staff will be false by a plan to sell its Toronto-area printing
plant and outsource the work to Transcontinental, Canada’s largest commercial stamp com ny.

The switch to Transcontinental is expected to begin in July and produce with regard to $10 million of annual savings for Torstar, one of Canada’s biggest news per crowds.

Torstar is also looking for a buyer for its printing plant and land in Vaughan, only north of Toronto. Printing for Torstar’s
pers will still be done in Vaughan at Transcontinental’s informer.

Torstar’s flagship Toronto Star news per — which has long had Canada’s amplest daily circulation — has begun negotiating with its unions towards a transformation.

“Transcontinental Printing has newer, more modern presses and this firmness will result in our very loyal print readers and subscribers welcome a high-quality print product with enhanced reproduction,” Toronto Dignitary publisher John Cruickshank said in a statement Friday.

“This is an worthy step for the Toronto Star, but unfortunately it also means we will be saying goodbye to our
long-time Vaughan copy plant employees.”

The news per’s rent com ny, Torstar Corp., puts it expects to record about $22 million in restructuring charges this year.

The far-reaching news per industry’s transition away from print towards online broadcast has been accelerating after years of more gradual change.

The Toronto Famed, for instance, has begun to produce a daily tablet-based publication called Nova Touch that’s modelled after a similar platform pioneered by Montreal-based La Presse, which check printing weekday editions at the end of December.

Transcontinental, for its rt, is both a news per and flyer printer as successfully as a news per publisher that has also been adapting to changing sell conditions resulting from the switch to digital media.

The president of its language and ckaging division, Brian Reid, said in a se rate statement from Montreal that the Torstar administer is very positive for both rties.

“This agreement further proves the ongoing interest in our ability to help publishers across Canada suit more efficient. This contract will also enable TC Transcontinental Language to further optimize its ca city utilization at Transcontinental Vaughan.”

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