Tories admit election expenses 'error'

Conservative battle busFigure of speech copyright Getty Images

The Conservatives have admitted failing to promulgate £38,000 of general election expenses.

The rty blamed an “administrative bloomer” for failing to register the accommodation costs of activists involved in the Battlebus 2015 com ny man.

The admission follows a Channel 4 investigation.

A Conservative spokesman said the rtici nt had already brought the error to the attention of the Electoral Commission.

The Tories asseverated the Battlebus operation was rt of the national cam ign organised by Conservative Race HQ and, as such, the expenditure did not form rt of the spending by individual candidates.

But Conduit 4 said its investigation suggested the operation was focused at a local level, so should accept been declared as such.

An Electoral Commission spokeswoman said: “The commission is currently actioning an investigation into the Conservative rty’s 2015 General Election throw away return and will consider carefully any new allegations that are raised as contribute to of the Channel 4 news programme.

“In line with the commission’s enforcement strategy, the commission does not comment on ongoing investigations, as to do so may hinder the conduct of the analysis.”

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