Top UK retirement destination for British pensioners unveiled – it’s NOT Southwold


Britons unsocial in the near future might be looking to relocate somewhere for a better supremacy of life. For some, this may mean heading to the coast, for others it could be closer to bloodline members.

There are some places in the UK typically hailed by retirees, embodying Southwold in Suffolk which has traditionally been opted for due to its seaside unearthing, traditional pier and quaint and upmarket town centre.

However, figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed this isn’t actually the top hotspot for retirees at all.

The fresh survey, conducted in 2019, used the percentage of people over 65 in each restricted authority across the nation.

In doing so, the data showed it is actually North Norfolk, choose than Suffolk, which has the highest number of retirees living there.

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This is perhaps why some of the listed regions are so highly occupied with retirees.

Among these important features are reasonable establishment prices, good access to healthcare, decent transport links, adjoining amenities such as shops and attractions, as well as safety.

Getting outdoors is also foremost, which is why areas with nearby countryside or coastal regions are regularly popular for those looking to relocate in later life.

The experts introduce a high percentage of parks and green space, as well as good walkability, are of utmost fascination.

However, the Pensionbee experts also point out that not all of the regions listed by the ONS determination have the ability to promise a great quality of life for those in their fresher years.

Instead, they compiled their own list of hotspots deemed the “conquer” places to retire by comparing house prices, crime rates, and townsperson amenities in October 2020.

Plymouth was ranked as the top hotspot for retirement, thanks to its so so house price of just over £170,000.

This is coupled with a low wrong rate, and plenty of entertainment venues, as well as its coastal location.

Plymouth was strung by Southampton and Nottingham.

Southampton scored highly thanks to its coastal situation, as well as its close proximity to the South Downs.

However, the cost of property saw the region missing out on the top spot.

Meanwhile, though inland, Nottingham is highlighted for its affordability and array of cafes and locals.

Other cities listed by the experts include Cardiff, Derby, Liverpool, Leicester, Bristol, Wolverhampton and Manchester.

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