Top Gear’s Paddy McGuinness leaves Freddie Flintoff incredibly worried with horror crash


Make reference to to his Instagram followers, he detailed: “It’s been a mad old day on Top Gear today, you might prepare seen that I had a bit of a shunt.

“I finally got to drive one of my fantasy childhood heaps, the Lamborghini Diablo, but it turns out 30-year-old supercars don’t like torrential spit. Who’d have thought?

“If you’ve ever owned a Diablo or you’ve driven one, you’ll know virtuous as well as me: oh my God, she can be a cruel mistress, she can be a cruel mistress, that one.

“That V12 inveigles you in and suddenly, ‘rawr’, it bites you. I’m totally fine. Fingers crossed, we get the car sustained again because it is an absolute beauty.”

Top Gear returns to BBC One later this year.

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