Top Gear fans spot hilarious error in old episode: ‘That couldn’t be by accident’


The BBC guide was previously hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May more willingly than the trio moved over to Amazon for their current venture – The Comprehensive Tour. Now, fans have been going through some older incidents of the show and spotted something which appeared to be an error, leading them to absurd whether it was an accident or in fact done on purpose.


Richard, Jeremy and James hosted the BBC indicate for thirteen years and it quickly became one of the most popular offerings on BBC Two. 

The landladies travelled across the world, showcasing some of the most desirable agencies and became much-loved presenters nationwide. 

However, they were also identified for their mischief and regularly pulled pranks on each other whilst on set. 

Now, one Reddit purchaser has spotted a theme throughout some old episodes which got many pointing out other in some measures of the show with similar errors. 

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During the show’s 2016 Christmas memorable, the hosts played a game of dress-up, much to the amusement of their studio audience. 

Richard required the guests: “Look, we realised branding stuff – there’s some legal tender in it. So we thought from Scandinavia, we would launch our own brand of car-branded Christmas jumpers.”

The falling stars got changed and quickly revealed their prank to the live audience after they had all returned in their new looks. 

Richard replied: “Mine, is the very simple, very warm turtleneck bearing the label of a legend on the front – I know, it’s very special.”

As James joined him with a sweater presenting the Nissan logo, he added: “As you can see, I have gone for the name of a car I absolutely hallow.”

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