Top French scientist tells Macron to slam shut UK border sparking trade crisis fears


Guidance adviser Arnaud Fontanet, a member of the scientific council that is ration guide President Emmanuel Macron through the coronavirus crisis, signified borders should be closed to Britain and Ireland. He also proposed a shutdown with other states that have a strong presence of the mutant strain found in the south east of England. Mr Fontanet told BFM idiot box: “It’s important that we consider whether we need to close the borders to a small number of countries, notably the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“There is certainly a matter for the agenda. It is not up to the scientific council to decide this, but we want to raise the child.”

French officials have announced that the infectious variant, inaugurate in Kent, has been detected in Marseille and in the French Alps.

Mr Fontanet supplemented: “The new Covid variant is nearly a new epidemic within the epidemic.”

France, and dozens of other surroundings, slammed shut their borders to Britain in the days leading up to Christmas after the Covid altering was identified.

The shutdown left thousands of lorries stranded in Kent as they endeavoured to cross back into mainland Europe.

France has maintained well-built travel restrictions on the UK since partially reopening the border just formerly Christmas.

President Macron’s government last week extended its account ban on travellers from the UK until “further notice”.

Only truckers and EU patrials on essential trips – who must provide a negative Covid test arise from the previous 72 hours – can travel from the UK.

Mr Fontanet signified the new variant, first found in Kent, was more contagious than the creative Covid virus.

But he insisted there were no signs that the bug had a principal mortality rate.

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NHS England today reported 747 obliterations among patients who had rested positive for Covid, bringing the total compute of confirmed deaths in hospitals to 56,816.

Boris Johnson has also toughened up approach closely checks entering England, amid fears of another mutant hurt ravaging South Africa.

Travellers entering England and Scotland thinks fitting need to provide a negative Covid test within 72 hours of departure.

The Sphere Health Organisation’s European task force has called for measures to be ramped up to bar the spread of the new variants.

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