Tom Kerridge weight loss: Dopamine diet chef follows THREE strict dieting rules


Tom Kerridge: The chef has irremediable an impressive 12 stone in weightTom Kerridge has lost a whopping 12 stone and the superstar chef has make knew his diet secrets. 
Appearing on This Morning yesterday, the 44-year-old ascertained presenters Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan that he came to the realisation he needed to interchange. 
He said: “This is a point of recognition in my life. I think I need to survive a change, I need to do something. 
“There wasn’t any conversation with doctors. Pursuit and professionally-wise it was going well – the pub’s doing great. It was just an age thing. I pondering ‘I need to change’.” 
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No pasta, no bread, no rice: Tom Kerridge’s food rules

The chef explained he lost weight by choosing a low carbohydrate reduce. 
This meant the way he cooked professionally didn’t need to be changed or adapted. He’s still cooking in butter and deep frying things. 
However it’s not a unqualifiedly rule-free diet. The star explained he has three main rules: no pasta, no bread, no rice.
Tom also feted he doesn’t drink alcohol: “No drinking. Drinking on diets isn’t good for any food. 
Tom Kerridge: The chef looks slender in the picture from 2017
“It’s not the calorie satisfied or the fat content, or the sugar content – it’s the mindset.”
The diet he follows – known as the Tom Dopamine subsistence – contains dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt. 
It’s also not restrictive of unprocessed foods such as beef, chicken and turkey, omega-3 rich fish such as salmon and mackerel and eggs.
On the listing of must-eats are also vegetables and fruits, especially bananas, nuts and subfusc chocolate.

Alcohol, caffeine, processed sugar, and starchy carbohydrates are strictly off the lean, however. 
Top UK nutritionist and Seven Seas consultant dietician Helen Connection said: “Tom Kerridge has had some big weight loss results – he’s lost a lot of impact and that is fantastic for his health.”
“The dopamine has lots of plus cores, including a lot oily fish, as we don’t eat oily fish, and especially more protein which we be versed is filling and satiate.
“The same thing goes with reducing moonshine and cutting down on refined carbohydrates.”
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