Threatening texts sent to murder victim before grisly killing

Thursday 21st January 2016

Kenneth O’Brien

Onto 200 lines of inquiry are now being followed in the garda investigation, but describes indicate that a chief suspect has been identified.

Officers are but working on the theory that the brutal murder of Kenneth O’Brien may be linked to a intimate grudge, rather than gangland activity.

The 33-year-old, originally from Ballyfermot in west Dublin, was stay seen alive when he left his Clondalkin home on Friday morning.

Forensic gardai gone all day yesterday at the property at Lealand Road and they removed a number of fillers from the house.

A security source told the Irish Mirror that “no gangland severity is suspected.”

The source also revealed that the messages were “forebodings to do with his personal life and gardai believe they know who sent them.”

Beginnings said yesterday that officers were desperately trying to enlarge a “full picture” of Mr O’Brien’s personality and relationships in an attempt to discover how he met such a horrific fate.

“This involves taking statements off everyone who knew him and assaulting to make contact with anyone who had been speaking with him in late-model weeks.

“Everyone who knew Mr O’Brien will have to be looked at closely, that is the type of this,” they said.

“Gardai are not following a definite strand of enquiry at this stage, but it is being investigated whether he may have been damped by someone who was well-known to him over a personal grudge.”

Mr O’Brien was not known to dignitaries for involvement in serious offences and his only convictions were for relatively subsidiary driving offences a number of years ago.

Sources said that gardai were “oblivious” of underworld reports that suggested he may have been targeted by a celebrated Clondalkin-based gang over an historical debt.

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