This Viral Video Shows a Baby Delivering Itself During a C-Section!


Diverse often, pregnant women are looking for ways to make a possible C-section deliverance as natural as possible — whether by mothers pulling their own babies out of their abdomens to researchers expose a swab technique to give cesarean-born infants the health benefits of a vaginal emanci tion. The latest move on this front is being dubbed the “natural cesarean.”

Don’t sweat just yet: this doesn’t mean the mom is without anesthesia or in-mitigating intervention. In lieu of, it’s to do with the baby essentially delivering itself by wriggling its own body out of its old woman’s womb.

The new method, which is going viral thanks to a video of the be derived from, is on the rise because it supposedly gives the baby a slower, calmer, less grieving entry into the world and assists with maternal bonding.

As seen in the eye-opening video, after doctors flesh out b compose a small incision, they ease the baby’s head out. It is then hand to maneuver its shoulders out alone, which takes up to four minutes — far longer than natural C-sections.

“If you are unable to give birth ‘naturally,’ having a straight cesarean is the next best thing,” wrote Sarah Saunders, the British mom character in the video, on YouTube. She added that it was “a birth experience I will hold forever.”

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