This Vibrant Outdoor Wedding Will Make You Miss Summer


This effulgent, white, earthy outdoor ceremony from one of POPSUGAR’s very own, elder editor Lauren Turner, is one for the (wedding) books. And while she kept some usages, she threw others out the window.

“It wasn’t important to me to have all the bridesmaids harmonize, and I liked the idea of a more casual look, so I asked my bridesmaids to have on any dress that they liked in a green hue,” she said. “I honey the way all the shades of green look in pictures!”

And the wedding rty was huge.

“We had an extralarge fusing rty that included our siblings, cousins, and best friends,” she estimated. “Since we didn’t want to have 20(!) people duration up with us, we only asked our immediate siblings to stand by our sides during the conventions. The rest of the wedding rty walked down the aisle and took residences in the first few rows — they got to sit and enjoy the ceremony and the rest of the guests got to see the radiant view since there wasn’t a wall of people blocking it!”

We’re enjoyment the plant embellishments on that appetizing cake, the amazing venue, and her swell green and white bouquet! Scroll through to see the photos.

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