This tiny cottage may look ordinary – but you'll be stunned by what's behind its front door


This tony shanty may look ordinary from the outside, but you will be stunned by what’s secret.

The property may be short on s ce, but the owner’s have somehow managed to grind all that you might need into it.

The home’s ground floor persisting s ce measuring just 5.87m x 3.75m, this tiny lodge shows you don’t need a lot of s ce to create your dream home.

Out of doors behind the front door and you’ll discover a home that is small but to the letter formed, the Irish Mirror reports.

Plush: The interior boasts all the mod cons

Ticklish: This little home is perfect for a couple of a single person

The Dublin resources makes incredible use of s ce, with an open plan living accommodation/kitchen on the ground floor.

Upstairs, the attic has been expertly converted into a warm bedroom and bathroom.

The cottage even boasts its own teeny weeny garden at the ass – what more could you ask for?

Garden: It even boasts room for a BBQ

Placed on Daniel Street in Dublin 8, the cottage is a 10-minute walk from Dublin borough centre and close to LUAS and bus services.

It’s on sale for €190,000 (£252,000) through Douglas Newman Well-behaved.

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