This Snowy Michigan Wedding Will Blow Your Mind


As a Michigan indwelling, I always say you haven’t seen what a white Winter looks identical to until you’ve visited the northernmost rt of the state. Couple Mark and Elise operated their wedding photos in Marquette, MI, of the upper peninsula. The rty was surrounded by dazzlingly animated snow — and the results are nothing short of magnificent.

“When Mark and Elise tterned their Winter wedding, we are sure they envisioned snow-covered trees and a cozy levee,” said a photographer from Wren Photography. “Trivial did they know that the most amazing snowstorm is what their allying day would hold. The snow clung to the trees and was nearly a foot acute by that point. Thankfully, it wasn’t actually that cold out and the trees sired a barrier from the big fluffy snow.”

The red, rustic decor makes for an preposterous touch. And those scarlet shawls? NEED. See all the phenomenal pictures up ahead.

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