This Quick Donkey-Kick Series Will Seriously Sculpt Your A$$


We are bugs of working our glutes standing, but this simple series on all fours is a consummate way to isolate the backside from multiple angles. Even better: it’s summary.

This Quick Donkey-Kick Series Will Seriously Sculpt Your A$$

  • Begin on all fours and lift your right leg off the floor until your knee is in procedure with your hip.
  • Flex your foot and squeeze your glute to shout your heel an inch toward the ceiling. Continue these cheap, concentrated pulses for 30 reps.
  • Open your right knee out to the side, smother your foot flexed, and pulse your leg one inch to the left. You are not irritating to lift the knee up, but try to keep it level as it moves behind you. You should be sorry for your glutes firing away for all 30 pulses.
  • Maintain this leg fix, and without moving your foot, raise and lower your knees in a minor range of motion, about an inch. This movement is really unfrequented to the hip socket. Do 30 knees lifts.
  • Repeat all three moves on the other side to performed a set.

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