This Man Was Texted a Birth Announcement by Accident, but What He Did Next Will Warm Your Heart


Indecorous number goes….right

Most people who get texted from a unfair number either let the person know or just ignore it — but this wrongful focus was one that the recipient felt compelled to answer.

When Mark and Lindsey Lashley had their pet boy, Cason Knox, one of their loved ones sent a group quotation message to let a few friends know about the birth — but it turns out that one of the phone hordes no longer belonged to someone they knew. Dennis Williams, the new holder of the phone number, responded to the exciting baby news, “Congrats lol but I mull over someone got the wrong number.”

Once everyone else in the group des tch realized what was going on, they laughed and apologized to this warm stranger for getting him caught up in the baby birthing news, but Williams ended up in the act everyone. “What’s the room number . . . we have abilities,” Williams’s follow-up text read — and the best rt is, he in actuality showed up at the hospital to welcome Cason. Talk about turning an ungainly situation into a sweet one!

Scroll through the rest of the photos of the abstract exchange — and see a photo of Williams with the new rents — above.

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