This Is the Sexiest Thing About Channing Tatum, According to Jenna Dewan


Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum steamed up the red carpet when they arrived at the Alcoholic Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on Friday for the grand opening of Magic Mike Material. The pair — who will be celebrating eight years of marriage in July — put on ones sunday best clad to the nines and could not stop gushing about each other. “Oh my God, I’m so proud. I’m so proud because this is a big deed,” Jenna told ET of her husband’s involvement with the show. “I mean, to exposed a show like this and for him to create this, direct this, arrange this vision . . . what’s so wonderful about it is it’s a really fun, impracticable awesome show, and obviously it’s sexy.”

When asked when Channing and Jenna come across each other the sexiest, Channing replied, “24/7 and if I knew how multifarious seconds were in the day, I’d say that.” Jenna also chimed in, saying she remarks Channing the sexiest when he’s “helping out with our baby, our kid [3-year-old daughter Everly], perfectly taking her and being superdad for me. I’m like, bow down, sexiest thing for ever.”

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