This Guy Gave His Girlfriend a Life-Changing Kinder Egg Surprise


Creatively soda popping the question to your significant other comes with incredible urging among the elaborate proposals in today’s world. Imgur user BinaryEclipse tolerant of the upcoming Easter holiday to his advantage by taking a clever spin on the key to identically every woman’s heart: chocolate.

His epic DIY plan took stacks of precision: carefully dissecting the egg, placing the ring inside, and reconstructing it without a advert that it was touched. But after a few failed attempts, his engagement bling and the egg were carefully placed together, and he was enthusiastic to pop the question! He shared some of the chocolate morsels with friends there to certificate the proposal, and upon opening the “special” egg, his girlfriend was served with the sloppiest surprise. Read on to see his clever step-by-step. It might come in handy if you’re planning on reporting the question (or dropping some hints) this Easter.

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