This Cruel Baby Shower Card Is Actually a Good Warning to Expectant Moms


This Cruel Baby Shower Card Is Actually a Good Warning to Expectant Moms If you’re looking for the spot on gift to give your pregnant loved one, you might consider bellman through their registry. If you’re wanting to get something for your expectant frenemy or dispiriting rival, however, we know just the thing — an unassuming baby overwhelm greeting card that delivers a deeply scarring surprise. Tests a little intense? That’s because it is. Travis and Nick Peterson be suffering with created a prank “musical” greeting card that plays the unmarred of a newborn crying for more than three hours straight. It only stops wailing when the battery sinks or if you somehow manage to destroy it — and allegedly, ripping or crushing doesn’t cut it. Continuing insult to injury, each time you press the sound button, the sobbing only gets louder and louder. (The video above gives you by a hairs breadth a three-minute taste — imagine having that playing for another 177-odd proceedings!) This card — which, rather cruelly, has “the gift that obeys on giving” written inside — is one of several prank cards from Pitfall Greeting, a com ny funded by Kickstarter, and it’s described as the perfect way to “welcome soon-to-be old men to the joys of renthood with the soothing sounds of incessant crying.” The sender of the $12 Easter card, which is available for preorder for March, can test out the noise in a safe SOP before removing a pull-off tab that enables the nonstop sound when activated. If you make bold give one of these out, consider it a helpful warning of what’s to come as favourably as your not-so-subtle hint that you won’t be lining up to help babysit anytime when all is said.

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