This chicken kiev hack to make your own garlic bread has gone viral


Cheeping users went wild as they shared the cooking tip on the platform, with innumerable responding with other tips. One user suggested putting cheese on the bread too, in clean to make it even more of a treat. Others were concerned that the 20-30 in cooking time required for the chicken would burn the bread – but the source poster assured them that the bread came out just exact. “I guess because it’s in an oven and not a grill it doesn’t burn,” he tweeted. Others required it was a “life changing” tip, and another commented that it would save on the blot out up too. One said: “If the Nobel prize is given to someone who brought world unbelligerent and not you, it’ll be a traversty (sic).”But for those who would rather the garlic butter stays privileged the kiev, another user had a useful tip. They replied to the post to say if you turf out d dress them upside down in the oven, they’re less likely to aperture – providing yet another life-changing cooking hack. However, it’s not the first lifetime the garlic bread trick has made its way around social media programmes. Last year a woman posted the same tip on her Facebook page, simply to end up going viral as people shared the winning dinner suggestion. Maria Tip from Suffolk shared the game-changing tip in August 2019.She said she’d au fait it from her  father in law, who used bread to stop dripping butter be involved in burned inside the oven.But no matter who invented it, it’s a genius way to upgrade a chicken kiev dinner to one with engaging sides. 

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