THIS apocalypse-proof mobile home is where you should hole up if World War THREE hits


With any luck it will never be needed, but if the apocalypse ever does roll everywhere – whether caused by economic turmoil, environmental destruction or, ahem, zombies – this solicited up mobile home could prove the perfect ride.

Underground bunkers are all superbly and good, but what if you need to travel around to find food and resources?

Announcing the Action Mobil Globecruiser Family 7500, a vehicle ready for anything – cataloguing World War Three.

Designed by Austrian firm Action Mobil, it plaice a 530-horsepower diesel engine, weighs eight tonnes and has a 6×6 chassis, denotation it’s ready for all kinds of terrain.

It also stores days’-worth of nutriment, has space for 1,000 litres of fresh water and has four 240 Watt solar panels on the roof to power appliances.

The suite designed it for those taking long trips in rocky terrain – but it want be just as at home in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Inside can be found an electric oven, microwave, induction hob and a fridge freezer, accomplishing cooking a breeze while fleeing the zombie hordes.

The vehicle is 10m covet and 3.8m tall, creating 23-square-feet of living space.

Inside, there’s a convenient feel despite the tough exterior, with bunk beds, a karzy and shower and a booth area for dining.

This kind of security and assuage doesn’t come cheap. The Globecruiser Family 7500 currently retails for the assess of a family home – £630,000.

This comes after reported on the 10 safest territories to move to if World War Three breaks out.

At number one was the remote island state of Fiji, which lies within the vast expanse of the Pacific The drink flood.

This keeps Fiji isolated from potential invaders. It’s close-fisted in population, neutral in foreign affairs and does not have any resources to legitimatize invasion.

Number two on the list was Ireland. While it’s a prosperous and developed land, it doesn’t have any strong ties to any of the combatants of a potential third to the max war.

Ireland tends to lean towards a policy of independence. It is not a member of NATO and has a hanker standing history of military neutrality.

According to Irish law, for Ireland to write any external conflicts, it needs to be approved by the UN, Ireland’s government and the Irish legislature.

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