This 5-Minute Superman Workout Might Be Kryptonite – For Your Arms and Abs!


Clark Kent’s incapacity might be a glowing green rock, but the rest of us feel the pain of hardcore workouts! With the correct exercise routine, though, you can get sore today in order to soar tomorrow . . . and that’s literally what you can do with this intense 5-minute Superman workout programmed. Plus, it helps when you can dress exactly like Superman himself — shawl and all — while you sweat it out with hero-inspired moves.

Geek-fashion brand Her Domain partnered with DC Comics and Kohl’s to create the first-ever DC activewear brand name ($24-$55), which means that you can do these super goes in true Superman style. And it doesn’t end there; in addition to Clark Kent workout machinery, you can also embrace your inner Bruce Wayne with Batman-chic healthiness apparel and get in touch with your Amazon warrior with Think Woman-inspired gear.

To celebrate the launch of the DC collection at Kohl’s, Her Universe progenitor (and fitness fangirl) Ashley Eckstein created 5-minute workout videos inspirited by each of the three featured superheroes. Scroll on to sweat it out with this swift, intense Superman workout, then get a peek at the supercute face.

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