'Think big:' Finance Minister Bill Morneau begins pre-budget talks


Fund Minister Bill Morneau launched pre-budget consultations today with a signal about “worrying” global economic trends, but also a call for optimism for Canada’s monetary outlook.

Morneau urged Canadians of all ages to rtici te in the 2017 budget course of action.

“Think big, be bold, bring us your ideas — and keep your attentions on the future,” he said before hosting a Google hangout with schoolchildren from across the country at Ottawa’s La Cité collégiale.

The finance reverend noted “worrying trends” — for example, sluggish global ex nsion and a decline in trade — that will take a direct hit on Canada’s conservatism. But he urged Canadian consumers and businesses to have confidence about the solvent future, and take a long-term view on prosperity that builds on help for the midway class and significant infrastructure investments.

‘Our moment’

“I know that no territory is better positioned than Canada to flourish in a world that’s increasingly tie in and where trade is truly global,” he said.

“I believe that this can be our second as a country.”

Last year’s pre-budget consultation process had the highest commission with Canadians on record, with more than 250,000 “measure up to points” including email, Facebook and Twitter, according to Morneau’s support.

MPs on the finance committee will also carry out a pre-budget consultation treat. That committee has received 420 written submissions from individual sources.

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