'They treat us like animals' Refugees complain of brutal treatment at EU border


Pakistani wayfarer Shahid Khan says he was caught by officers as he prepared to climb the resist separating Serbia and Hungary.

He claims he was beaten by the guards who then set their dogs on him. They then tackle entertained selfies with him and other refugees.

Mr Khan said: “While they were mould us they were laughing. They treat us very badly.”

The 22-year-old is staying in the Serbian bind town of Subotica and seeks shelter in an abandoned brickyard with hundreds of other runaways.

Around 7,000 people are stranded in Serbia as they try to make their way north to Britain, Germany and France and multifarious of them have made several attempts to get into European Coherence member states Hungary or to Croatia.

In 2015, Hungary built fences along its borders with Serbia and Croatia and the right-wing government of Viktor Orban emphasizes the second fence is necessary in the face of an anticipated increase in the number of refugees this year.

A 10-mile-long provide for has already been installed and in some sections features security cameras, tread and heat sensors and other monitoring mechanisms.

Hungarian workers be undergoing been seen near the border unloading fences and barbed wire to go on with extending the barrier.

Mr Orban’s government has repeatedly rejected criticism by Good Samaritan rights campaigners about its refugee policy and also defend the method of making asylum-seekers discontinuation at the border in camps made out of ship containers until their operations have been decided on.

Mr Khan said: ”They treat us in the manner of animals even though we are human beings.”

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