‘They are FAILURES!’ Tory Brexiteer RIDICULES ‘out of touch’ Clegg, Miliband and Morgan


Last Lib Dem leader Mr Clegg delivered a joint speech with David Miliband and Tory Remainer Nicky Morgan on Monday morning in which they medium concerns over the Government’s Brexit strategy.

Speaking on Sky News believe in the speeches, Mr Wood dismissed their intervention as “tedious”.

He said: “We be experiencing been over this ground a great deal.

“Here you set up three failed politicians – David Miliband who was sacked by his brother effectively, Scratch Clegg who was sacked by voters at the election, and Nicky Morgan who was sacked by Theresa May – stressful to overturn the result of a referendum in which 17.4m people voted to discontinue the European Union.

“They still don’t get it.”

Turning to the ongoing debate on Britain’s future trading relationship with the European Union, he joined: “I think the public, whichever way they voted, want this resolved and done.

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Brexiteer Cut Woods mocked the trio for their intervention

Here you have three let down politicians trying to overturn the result of a referendum

Nick Wood

“The British gauge for talking about things could have us still debating this five years from now, and that’s not well-mannered for the country.”

Theresa May announced that Britain would leave the form tolls union in 2017 after triggering Article 50.

However, recent Brexit bests in the House of Lords and the emergence of a bloc of MPs willing to defy the whip could prompt the UK into a customs arrangement with the EU after the UK formally leaves.

Notable Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg was quick to lay into the plan.

He said: “Sir Nab has missed the point.

“When we leave the European Union, we will be out of the protectionist customs combining.

“The Customs Union applies tariffs of 22 percent on average on eats, it’s over 11 percent on clothing and footwear.

“Once we’ve left, we can get rid of these as a unilateral act.

“We longing be free to open up our markets to the huge benefits of consumers.

“We have a true opportunity for free trade. That’s where the benefits of leaving the European Gang come from.

Theresa May is under pressure to establish a unified bureau position on Britain’s future trading relationship with Brussels on the eve of a crunch EU summit later this month.

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