These Father-Daughter Illustrations Are Sweet Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry


It’s alcoholic to put into words why the relationship between a father and a daughter is so special. Dialect mayhap that’s why Ukrainian artist Snezhana Soosh decided to use watercolor coats.

In her recent series of Instagram illustrations, Soosh depicts the sweet-yet-silly manacles between a dad and his little girl, whether it’s braiding her hair or giving up a sizable section of a king-size bed to make sure she sleeps soundly. Although the magic taking in the drawings focuses on one very loving dad (and his adorable daddy’s girl), there are some any old man can relate to, like the need to look away from that weighty pile of work to enjoy imaginary tea time . . . or play a enthusiastic game of hide-and-seek.

We hope Soosh continues to int these delightful depictions of fatherly love — they serve as wonderful reminders that there are no limits to the route a daddy can love his daughter.

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